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Applying to College is an Adventure!

Whether you want to apply to universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, or Europe  – We have you covered!

Your College Choice - Your Future

Applying to college is an exciting time! You get to explore your dreams, aspirations, find your own voice, and discover what makes you unique. 

A whole world is waiting to get discovered by you!

You can choose your university adventure to be anywhere, not only in the country you grew up in. There are many excellent colleges around the world. We help you pick the right one that will support you in creating a future that is uniquely yours! 

Let us help you with this process!

The Path to College - Let Us be Your Guide

College List Building

The first step in the college application process is creating a list of colleges that fit not only your personality and academic interests, but are also a match financially. Self-discovery assessments will help you explore your academic strengths, possible majors, and career options. This in turn will enable you to build a personalized and balanced college list.

Essay Support

Personal and supplemental essays are some of the most important aspects of your college application. Don't be intimidated. This is your opportunity to show colleges what makes you unique. We guide you in your essay strategy, brainstorm ideas, help you find topics, and ultimately make sure you find "your voice". From draft to submission we are by your side.

Application Process

While the US college application process is multifaceted, in other parts of the world it is much more straightforward. Whether you apply to colleges in the USA, overseas, or both, we keep you organized and guide you through the various application procedures including financial aspects, housing, visa applications, scholarship search, and much more.

Early Advantage

Get a headstart on your college career planning by engaging with us as early as in middle school or the start of high school. Having a clear idea of what students want to accomplish and what they need to pay attention to in terms of curriculum and activities can help clear the path for college applications to specific schools locally or abroad later on.

International Students

Applying to colleges abroad can be overwhelming - from facing a new country and language, to dealing with different rules and regulations. Aside from assisting international students applying to colleges in the USA, we also specialize in college applications to universities worldwide that offer English-taught Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Graduate Study Abroad

Let your Master’s Degree take you to another country. Experiencing and immersing yourself in another culture exposes you to a further layer of growth that will complement your Master’s studies with a unique cultural and academic learning experience. In addition, you will receive invaluable training in becoming a player in the global marketplace.

Where in the World will College take you?​

There are so many excellent options to choose from. We help you make informed choices and take the guesswork out of the college application process.

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Universities in Europe
million international students in USA
million international students in EU

What Students & Parents Are Saying


"Cornelia has coached both of our daughters. Her support in helping them to choose the right colleges, writing the essays and going through the entire process has been second to none. Both of us attended college in Europe and the American system was totally new to us and to tell the truth, pretty scary! More importantly, we feel that both our daughters, in spite of their very different personalities, needed to work this process with a third-party, not with their parents! Cornelia gave them confidence, helped them to make good decisions, and pushed them out of their comfort zone. I truly believed that these sessions helped them to become better adults, and we are extremely grateful for that. Best investment ever! We are really happy we chose Cornelia."
Françoise R.
I turned to GCA for my UC essays and it was an extremely beneficial decision. Mrs. Fuertes took the time to sit down and learn about me to help me from both a professional and personal standpoint. She takes the time to look over your essay and leave comments outside of sessions for you to look over and goes more in depth on her comments in sessions. After only a few sessions, the difference between my first and final draft was night and day."
Christopher B.
" Working with Cornelia was truly a positive experience. I had been really nervous about starting the college application process, since both of my parents had studied out of the country. I had no idea how any of the financials worked, nor what colleges looked for in their applicants. Her expertise on the topic was obvious. She knows the process in detail, which helped my family and I feel a lot more at ease throughout the journey. She is truly dedicated in her counseling, and this was especially obvious while essay writing. She instilled motivation in me when writing, and pushed me to try my best on the essays. Her edits were always insightful, and I think that really helped make my application stand out. She is also always there to help. Her passion for the job is obvious, and that has made my experience a memorable one."
Mathilde R.
First I want to thank Cornelia for doing such a great job. I'm from Japan and I have limited knowledge of the process of applying for college. My son is a great student but needed help communicating better in his essays. Also she helped him with managing his applications and deadlines, which helped take a lot of stress off my shoulders as a parent. And getting help with the FAFSA and CSS applications was huge!! His abilities improved dramatically while working with Cornelia. She also suggested some good colleges too, as I only knew big name colleges, so my son could apply to a wider selection of colleges
Noriko K.


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CommonApp and UC Application open

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National College Decision Day Global College Advisers

National College Decision Day is coming up on May 1st. It's time we take a step back and reflect on a process that can easily spiral out of control if unrealistic expectations have been set. The college admissions process has been a competitive and stressful one for quite some years now. However, as the world becomes increasingly competitive, the pressure on high school students to gain acceptance into their dream college is at an all-time high.

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