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5 Ways To Find Peace Of Mind And Relax During AP Exam And Finals Season

Mindfulness is Key

AP exam season has officially started. True, exams have not yet begun, however, CollegeBoard started its daily online review sessions at the beginning of this week. So, like it or not, if you are an AP student you will most likely have been pulled into the AP prep and review mode.

To help you keep your calm during this demanding time, we have 5 tips to support your mind, stay relaxed and find inner peace.

1 –  Sleep – Give your mind a break

You have heard it before, we know. But it is so important that we have to mention it here again. Your body needs plenty of rest, especially during stressful times. You support your brain’s natural detoxification process and your brain cells replenish their energy stores during sleep. Having sufficient sleep helps you focus and think more clearly. While it’s easier said than done during AP exam or Finals season, try to keep a bed time routine and aim for at least 6 hours of sleep the night before a test. This might seem hard to accomplish but believe in the power of your brain. It will recall the needed information on exam day!

2 – Nutrition- Food is fuel

During a time when your brain needs to work at full capacity, nurture it with the right fuel and eat balanced meals. As much as fast food may be comforting right now, try to eat fresh fruits and incorporate salads or other veggies into your meals. Very important: while you eat, relax, focus on your food, and enjoy mindfully i.e. see the colors of your food, smell the aromas, take in how it tastes.

3 – The Social Aspect – Start a study group

Connect with others to study for exams together. If you can’t study together in person, invite your friends to a Happy Study Zoom! While a bit of socializing will be energizing too, make sure you have an agenda of what you want to accomplish during the meeting and try to stay on track. It will be rewarding for all of you.

4 – Happiness and Gratitude – One inspires the other 

Take note of the simple joys around you and be thankful for them. Research has shown how much happiness and gratitude are intertwined. In fact, gratitude is critical in order to experience happiness. Immerse yourself in what brings you joy, even if it’s just for a short time, and reflect at the end of the day on all the things that went well. Appreciate and absorb the positive feelings that come along with it. 

5 – Mindfulness – Being present and aware of the moment

Yoga and meditation are powerful tools to destress, to find inner peace during challenging times, and to connect with yourself to get re-energized. Both techniques help to reduce stress by perfectly addressing areas most affected by stress: your body, mind, and your breathing. You’ll be able to think more clearly and be more effective at what you do! 

Not so sure about how to start meditating? Check out the meditation app Balance. It offers a free trial membership for one year at the moment.  Headspace is another meditation app, that additionally offers tons of fun animations to explain ‘all things meditation’. Here is their intro on how to start:  https://youtu.be/t_yXe_6mYTA

Coming Soon – Be on the lookout for Global College Advisers’ weekly Meditation & Yoga throughout the month of May.

We are starting a May AP Exam Relaxation Campaign. Find out more in our next post this upcoming week!

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