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Hi! I am Cornelia Betschart-Fuertes

Welcome to Global College Advisers

I founded Global College Advisers on the premise of making parents and students aware of the amazing higher education opportunities that allow students to pursue an excellent college education outside of their home country.

An international college education provides countless benefits. From a unique college experience, to becoming a truly global citizen that is adept in another culture; from showing resilience to becoming familiar and fluent in a foreign language to distinguishing oneself in the global job market.

Unbeknownst to many is the fact that studying abroad often translates to getting an outstanding education without the financial burden attached to it, which we are so familiar with in the United States. In many countries especially in Europe attaining a higher education degree is far less expensive than in the USA, but just as much accredited. And, for many degree programs, no language other than English is required!

As my older children went through the college application process in the U.S., with our last one just starting out, I realized how important it is to receive guidance on the complex college admissions process that can easily become overwhelming. Add an international component to it and keeping timelines and deadlines organized is quite a challenge.

My background in public relations has trained me to listen to the needs of my clients. Just as I had helped them shape their image, and create a strategy to communicate that image to the outside world, I support students in finding and creating their persona that they want to get across to colleges and universities. An important part of it is my work with students on presenting themselves in their essays. We make sure they stand out to their target audiences: colleges and universities.

In working with students I see it as my mission to guide them in discovering their authentic selves and to provide accountability throughout the college application process. I help them create a roadway to college that reflects their beliefs, talents, and goals no matter where in the world their college path might take them.

As a participant in the program for Independent Educational Consultants at the University of California Irvine (UCI), I have expanded my knowledge in all aspects of college counseling. Being part of the professional associations IECA, WACAC, and IACAC keeps me up to date on the latest trends and news in the higher education field. I am also a proud WOW Certified Essay Coach

Cornelia Betschart-Fuertes

UC Berkeley Graduation Global College Advisers

The first of my 3 children graduating from UC Berkeley, California


UC Santa Barbara Graduation Global College Advisers

Our daughter graduating from UC Santa Barbara, California


Going to University in Amsterdam Global College Advisers

The youngest of our family, a student at University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands