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Colleges in USA and Europe open for late applications

It's April and you haven't found your college match? Not to worry, there are many colleges in the USA & Europe that are still accepting students for fall 2022. Read on to find out about the NACAC database for US colleges still looking for students and links to European universities open for college applications.

University of California Updates for 2022/23

Aside from a record-breaking number of freshman applications for this upcoming fall, the University of California has some more updates to share for 2022/23 regarding the UC application timeline, PIQ questions, and tuition.

The University of California has released admissions decisions every week since the beginning of March and emotions have been running high. Did you get Admitted? Waitlisted? Or Rejected? Find out about the next steps you should take now.

College Admission - Accepted

Learn about how to compare your various financial award letters and that FAFSA is important if you want to qualify for California's Middle Class Scholarship Program if you applied to the UCs and Cal States. Also -Still looking for a college? There is still time to find your match abroad.