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The University of California has released admissions decisions every week since the beginning of March and emotions have been running high. Did you get Admitted? Waitlisted? Or Rejected? Find out about the next steps you should take now.

College Admission - Accepted

Learn about how to compare your various financial award letters and that FAFSA is important if you want to qualify for California's Middle Class Scholarship Program if you applied to the UCs and Cal States. Also -Still looking for a college? There is still time to find your match abroad.

College Planning GoalsGlobal College Advisers

The best time for starting the college application process is way before your senior year. In fact, the sooner you start with researching colleges, thinking about what extracurricular activities you enjoy, and exploring majors that might interest you, the better for you. You will have a head start once the pressures of writing essays and the actual college application process kick in senior year...

National Recognition Program PSAT

Did you take the PSAT in January 2021? You might still qualify for the National Recognition Program by CollegeBoard. Application deadline is Dec. 31, 2021

University of California or California State University

Countdown to meet the UC and CSU college application deadline of Nov 30th! California has two fabulous State University systems: the University of California and the California State University. Both have application deadlines of November 30th. Since the UC as well as the CSU university system is highly regarded, many students from California and beyond are in a hurry to meet the universities’ application deadlines. What's the difference between the UC and the CSU? Read on to find out...

FAFSA Free Application For Student Aid

FAFSA opens its filing season for the 2022-23 school year on October 1st! The US Department of Education uses the FAFSA to determine a student’s eligibility for federal student aid. These can be grants, work-study, and also low cost student loans. However, many colleges use the FAFSA also to assess non-federal student aid, like institutional grants and sometimes also merit aid. Here are 5 things you need to know about the FAFSA.

Meditation AP Exam season Global College Advisers

Join Us for Meditation Monday & Release Wednesday all throughout May. Perhaps you want to start out your busy week with a meditation on Monday morning or want to relax with the help of a yoga pose after an intense AP exam on Wednesdays. It’s your choice. We have teamed up with Motivation and Movement with Elena (MAMwithElena) to bring some mindful moments to you.

Mindfulness AP Exam Season Global College Advisers

Mindfulness is Key AP exam season has officially started. True, exams have not yet begun, however, CollegeBoard started its daily online review …

College Acceptance - Global College Advisers

You got accepted! Three strategies that can help you make a final decision on your college choice. Plus, how to read your financial award offer.