College Admission - Accepted

College Acceptance Letters are Rolling In

Seniors, are you anxiously awaiting your admissions offers? While some of you, who applied ‘Early Action’, have already received a letter of admission from some universities, many seniors are still waiting for the big news.

March is a highly anticipated month, particularly in California. It’s the time when the UC’s send out admissions offers while each of the Cal States has its own specific date to release that information. In fact, you might have already heard from some of them back in December while Cal State Long Beach just recently notified admitted students, and Cal Poly SLO will hold off the news until April 1st.

Advice for Seniors

Our advice is to wait with your final decision about where your college home will be until you got all your admission offers in, including financial award letters. Read your award letters carefully and pay attention to what is gift aid and doesn’t need to get paid back (grants, scholarships) and how much of the offer is your responsibility to pay either now or later by taking out student loans.  To learn more about how you can compare financial aid awards read our post What To Consider Before Making Your Final College Choice

California’s Middle Class Scholarship Program

Speaking of financial aid, have you submitted your FAFSA? If you live in California, the last date to submit this form for the upcoming 2022/23 academic year is March 2nd. Even if you think that you might not be granted any need-based aid you might be awarded a federal student loan which offers much better conditions than any private loan.

Besides, don’t forget California has the Middle Class Scholarship Program which is a scholarship available for undergraduate students with family incomes between $80,000 to $191,000 with assets of $191,000 or less who attend a University of California or California State University. How do you qualify for this scholarship? File the FAFSA!

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

If you are still trying to figure out where to continue your education after high school, or if you feel you need a break before you want to continue with any academic involvement, there are options available for you!

While the application season is slowly coming to an end in the USA, other countries haven’t even started yet. Take Germany, for example, the official application season for public universities doesn’t even start before May! Other universities in Europe offer an additional start date in spring and therefore have a different application timeline. Great examples are the liberal arts colleges in Maastricht, Venlo, and Utrecht in the Netherlands which let you also start your undergraduate degree in February. This is an option that will make it possible for you to pursue other experiences in the meantime, like a Gap year, that will let you explore your interests to find out what really matters to you before you continue on your academic path.

Need some help figuring out where to go to continue your educational journey after high school?

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