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Go to University in Germany – Apply until July 15th

German public universities are still accepting applications for fall 2022

Unlike US colleges and universities that have finished their admissions cycle by May for the upcoming school year, most German universities haven’t even started yet by that time. They are just about getting ready to open their application portals at the end of May or the beginning of June for students who want to start their degrees in the upcoming fall. The application deadline is usually July 15th. This means that you can register and apply to your favorite German university right now! Depending on if you choose a locally restricted major you might have to use Hochschulstart in addition to a university’s own application platform. helps many universities in Germany with the organization of the selection process for students who have applied to locally restricted study programs. But, not every university uses Hochschulstart, so check each university’s website carefully or connect with its admissions office.

Uni-assist is another application platform that some German universities work with. Uni-assist is often the go-to platform for international students applying to German universities, but some universities make German students use it, too, if they have received their secondary leaving diploma and their Bachelor’s from schools outside of Germany.

Why study in Germany?

– Saving time and money!

Choosing to do your undergraduate degree at a German public university means saving time and money! A Bachelor’s degree at a public research university in Germany takes generally 3 years compared to the 4 years in the USA and – most importantly – studying at a public university is free! No matter if you are a German or an international student.

– Don’t speak German? No Problem!

You might think studying in Germany is not for you since you don’t speak German. Well, we have a surprise for you. You don’t necessarily need to speak German to be able to study at a German university. While you can find already a plethora of English-taught Master’s degrees, German universities are now also offering more and more Bachelor’s degrees that are completely taught in English. So, German language skills are not required if you apply for an English-taught Bachelor’s!

– Cross-cultural experience. Europe is your playground.

By studying at a German university you are also acquiring other competencies like cross-cultural understanding that later on can give you an edge on the job market. At German universities, you will study with students from all over the world. At some universities international students make up 15% to 17% of the student body.

Besides, traveling throughout Europe is really easy while you are a student in Germany. Countries like Italy, Spain, Greece or all of the Northern European countries are all but an hour or two away by plane. You might even choose a year for studying abroad through the European Erasmus program.

If you are ready to find out more about the application process at German universities, connect with us! We are here to help you get an excellent education that will let you start out life without taking on the burden of extensive student debt.

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