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Applying to College Worldwide

We simplify the College Application Process and add an International Perspective

The college application process can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. Once you add an international dimension to it, the various timelines, requirements, and deadlines can become a real challenge to keep track of. We simplify this process and help the student plan ahead by working with them through our ‘Five-Step College Application Process‘. This five-step formula of “Exploration – Research – Creation – Application – Acceptance” moves students forward in a consistent and steady manner until they receive their college acceptance notice and settle into their new college home. All along the process, we are by their side, every step of the way! 

At Global College Advisers we take pride in helping our students and their families to a successful and smooth transition from high school to college, and beyond. Whether the student seeks to start college right after high school, wants to implement a Gap year, or needs help finding the right graduate program overseas, our guidance can make the college application journey much less stressful and significantly more rewarding.

We specialize in advising students on pursuing higher education options globally and encourage them to consider also schools beyond their home country when choosing colleges and universities for their “Best-Fit College List”. We offer a variety of packages, of which two serve the comprehensive and holistic college application process. 

Note: Aside from our packages, we have hourly options available or we can customize a package to fit your needs. Please contact us to discuss.

GCA’s virtual consulting method makes it possible to serve students from all parts of the world.

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GCA College Application Packages

       We offer a variety of packages, but you can also engage with us hourly ($200/h) or purchase hourly and customized packages.                 Our most popular packages are listed below. Please contact us regarding a personalized package.

USA or International

This package encompasses the whole college application process. Together we’ll explore and research colleges and majors that suit you (including countries & English-taught degree programs for the intl. package plus Visa process) and create a testing and application strategy. We’ll guide you in writing your essays/PIQs, extracurricular activity list, and resumé, and answer any questions concerning college, financial aid, summer programs, Gap year, or choices for extracurricular activities. Once admission letters come in we help you review and compare financial aid offers to support your final decision.

Both options include a subscription to GCA’s custom college portal.

Please note that pricing will differ depending on applying to US colleges only or applying internationally, or a mix of both.


COLLEGE EXPLORER - College List Only
USA or International

The College Explorer works best for students who have a pretty good idea about what kind of colleges they prefer and are quite sure about the major they want to study. They don’t need help with application essays and are confident with the various college application systems. With the help of some assessments, we will confirm your college criteria and put together an initial college list, which we will refine after our discussion with you. Your end product will be a ready-to-go college list that you can put to work.

Both options include 4 Online Sessions and a limited subscription to GCA’s custom college portal.

Please note that pricing will differ depending on a US college list only or an international university list. This package is built around the client’s needs.


Need help finding your voice? Our essay strategy will guide you through the essay writing process. From brainstorming ideas for topics all the way to the final product, we help you find your own voice that makes your Personal Statement, UC PIQs, or international Motivational Statement stand out and something you’ll feel proud of.

Please contact us for pricing.


You feel you have a pretty good idea of what you want and what you need to do. You just need help with certain aspects of the college application process and have specific questions or tasks to accomplish and want someone to keep you accountable.  

 5 hours: $950  |  10 hours: $1,800 

"Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears !"

Gillian Anderson