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Study in Germany – How to Research Universities

June is the month when all application portals at German public universities are open. While some universities do open their portals already much earlier, starting as early as the end of April, June is usually the time when all public universities in Germany are ready to receive your application. The deadline for submitting your application is normally July 15th. Only a few universities have their application window open a little longer.

As we are writing this post, we are in the middle of the application season for German public universities.

Our video below gives you a quick two-minute introduction to what is important to consider before you even begin your application and introduces you to how you can best start your research for universities in Germany that fit you and your interests.


The DAAD’s database for international study programs is a great place to start your research process, but there are many more factors you should consider and research when choosing to study in Germany.

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