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Importance of a Balanced College List

How to Create A Balanced College List

How to create a Balanced College list –

Having a Balanced College List is important.
In today’s competitive landscape, students must be strategic when putting together their college applications. As such, the concept of creating a balanced list of likely, target, and reach schools has become increasingly important in the college application process.

What defines a likely, target, or reach school?

College search and List Building

Tips on How to Start Out Researching Colleges

As Juniors start their second semester in January many begin their college application process by researching colleges and making a list of the ones that they are really interested in and plan on applying to.

Explore your college criteria before starting the college search

Before you start the task of researching colleges it’s a good idea to identify some criteria that guide you in your search of finding colleges that possibly would make a good fit.

Global College Advisers

Building your College List. Research, Diversify, Revise.

Building a college list is more than just writing down names of notable colleges that you’ve heard of, your friends are considering, or members of your family have attended.  So, where do you start? Having some names of colleges ready comes in handy but is only the very start of you thinking about college. However, …

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